Meta Strick - Mixed Media Artist - Fairfield, Vermont

Meta Strick is a mixed media artist who has been playing with art since she was old enough to clutch a crayon in a chubby fist.

Meta paints, draws, cuts, carves, sews and assembles, in order to make one-of-a-kind Art Dolls, mixed media pieces that might be "paintings," and charming decorative thingamajigs. Her interest in Book Arts is evident in the tiny handmade books held by her unique Art Dolls. An accomplished calligrapher, she embellishes most of her work with lettering.

A confirmed pack-rat, Meta collects Junque from many sources, because anything can become part of an art project. She makes handmade paper, polymer clay masks and ornaments, flashy necklaces, cards and mail art for friends and relatives, and applies decorative elements to random surfaces as the mood strikes.

Inspiration comes from many sources. Everyone Meta meets is a potential new friend, and she finds people and their stories to be fascinating. All the creative spirits of the past, their paintings, sculpture, poetry and stories, provide her with ingredients for the stew of her own art. Memories of old friends and past experiences weave their way into art pieces, and music music music is the essential foundation for a life of art.